MVC welcomes new International Director

By Laura Quero / Staff Writer

Yesenia Farfán has been announced as the new International Director this fall. She has worked for Missouri Valley for two years, serving as an assistant director next to Thomas Merlott, the previous International director.

Farfan arrived in the United States when she was 11 years old without any knowledge of the English language. Because of her life experience, she wants to help any international student who is going through a similar situation regarding language and culture. As she grew up, she discovered that what really inspired her was to help other people, which led her into this job position.

Although she is ready and capable of performing this new position, Farfan insists on needing to keep working and learning different aspects of this work field:

“I attach great importance to continuous training and surrounding myself with different professional profiles with whom I can work as a team and learn,” said Farfan. “Missouri Valley College is the ideal place and the perfect opportunity to further develop my skills and grow professionally.”

After her years of experience, Farfan is prepared to face this new stage in her life as the International Director and affirms she has much to offer:

“We are working on new projects which I don’t know if will take place in the Spring semester, but I’m sure they will be done in the fall semester of 2023,” said Farfan.

The undergraduate work student and learn assistant Ana Paula Torresbaca has previous experience working with Farfan in the international office and explains her thoughts about the new change:

“I’m super excited; every change is always for good,” said Torresbaca. “Working with Yesenia and going through challenges this summer has been challenging and with a lot of learning experience as an undergraduate work student and learn assistant,” she added.

Torresbaca thinks that the new international director can contribute a lot of new aspects to the international program and help students in need.

“She wants to innovate and be out there for the students; always help and care is something that we, as international students, need,” said Torresbaca.

Some international students have expressed their opinion about this new significant change.

Senior Miluska Guevara, from Panama, affirms having interacted a few times with Farfan.

“As an international student, I’ve talked with Yesenia a couple times, looking for some help and information. She has been really effective and helpful,” said Guevara.

Farfan is taking this new opportunity in her professional career with enthusiasm and is prepared to face any obstacles that may come in the future.

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