New students lead Vikings football team

By Temo Olvera / Managing Editor

The varsity football team has three new quarterbacks this season, with a pair of freshmen and one transfer student throwing the ball this semester.

Oliver Svirsky is a Junior on the field coming from Albany State University in Georgia. He’s played on the West Coast, Texas, and Georgia.

Oliver Svirsky catches for Connor Dugan, another quarterback, as the linemen run drills on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Svirsky came in with the most experience out of the quarterbacks playing this season. (Temo Olvera / The Delta)

“I’m trying to pick up something from everywhere I’ve been,” said Svirsky. 

Previous QB Darrion Cole, who moved to a coaching position this season, said he crossed paths with Svirsky during his earlier years of football.  

“That’s my guy,” said Svirsky. “I was a fan of his in junior college.”

Svirsky said he would pick out other QBs in his league to watch and said Cole was the only other QB to “sling that thing.” Svirsky said Cole made his transition to Valley comfortable, giving him confidence on the field. Svirsky said his teammates read his energy, and he needs to be confident in the plays he calls to be successful. 

Jett Bridges and Connor Dugan are the two freshmen who played the 16-6 game against Peru State College, the first game of the season. They said they expected the game to be much faster and more aggressive, which had them rushing plays. They said they need to be comfortable letting the play develop in front of them. 

Bridges said moving from high school to college, he’s switched from being a leader to trying to prove himself as a player. Dugan said as QBs they are still in that leadership position. 

“It’s hard to be in that leadership role when you’re the youngest on the field,” said Dugan.

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