Search for next president is underway

By Maria Lopez / Staff Writer

After 17 years leading Missouri Valley College, President Bonnie Humphrey has announced her retirement, which will become effective at the end of the current academic year.

In addition to serving as president since 2005, Humphrey has been in the field of education for 43 years.

President Bonnie Humphrey

“Since I started being President of the college, I tried to get as many changes as possible,” she said. “I tried to take the direction of beautifying the campus, and whoever comes next, he or she needs to have new visions and ideas on how to take the campus in the same direction but in a modern way.”

Following the announcement of her retirement, the college began the process of finding her successor. MVC has employed the Association of Governing Boards to conduct a nationwide search for candidates. The process will also include a committee made up of trustees, faculty and staff from the college who will help narrow the field. Eventually, the final candidates will be brought to campus to appear in several forums to answer questions from the Valley community.

The plan is to announce the next president at the end of October or beginning of November. Humphrey will continue to serve until the new president arrives in July 2023. She said she has mixed feelings about welcoming her replacement.

“I am excited and sad at the same time,” she said. “I’ve been many years working just for this college, and it makes me sad to leave. However, I am excited because I know the new person will be younger, with a different energy and a different point of view, and absolutely things are gonna change, and I want that they change, the college needs new ideas.” 

Humphrey is not sure what her future will be when she finishes her career; she is just sure that the college is going to improve and that she made everything she could for it. 

“It is enough for me after 43 years in education,” she said. “It was fun but it was also very stressful. After this year, I just want to see and observe how my future is going to be. I just want to do whatever I decide in the moment I have to, with no worries, and just enjoy life.”

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