Women’s Volleyball ready to make changes

By Maria Lopez / Staff Writer

Women’s volleyball just started the season with a lot of changes going on. There is a new coach, new players from all over the world, and one new objective for the season where everything is working to follow the path to get it.

Coach Brett Holt

Brett Holt is the new head coach of the team, but it is actually the second time that he has been a volleyball coach in Missouri Valley. Coming back after five years away, Holt achieved many records for the Vikings between 2012-2017, and he is coming back to change things again.

“The season is going well so far,” Holt said. “Going 7-1 through the first 8 games is ahead of where I thought we would be.”

He is joined by Assistant Coach Karen Souza, a graduate assistant from Brazil, who is getting the work done to train the ladies to succeed. 

The team is composed of many newbies from different countries like Montenegro, Serbia, and Spain, and it is also composed of returners who were outstanding players last season.

”We’re growing from game to game,” said Ksenija Simun, Freshman Opposite Hitter from Montenegro. “I have high expectations this year since I am new, and I see that we are doing way better than when we started. I also think that we have a good bond and eager players, which can lead us to a positive outcome and high ranking.”

The team looks motivated to start the conference and try to play to the highest level possible. There were many changes at the start of the season and the ladies need to adapt to them the best way they can, and the most important thing to get it is to be motivated and have confidence in the team and in themselves as much as possible.

“The girls are adjusting very well to a newer style of play,” Holt said. “The expectations and goal for the season are to be in the top 8 of the conference and get back to the postseason for the first time since 2017.”

It looks like the team has pretty clear what the final objective is for the end of the season, and they are going to continue working hard to get things changed. 

The Vikings are excited to see how the team does this season. The first conference game will be against William Penn next September 9, and the first home game will be against Benedictine College on September 16 at 7 pm.

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