International Club looking forward

By Maria Lopez / Staff Writer

The International Club is an organization at Missouri Valley College to encourage all students from all over the world, including the United States, to say and show others their own beliefs, thoughts and cultures. 

“Everybody on campus is welcome to learn new languages, other ways to live, cultures and know more about their classmates in our club,” said Ana Paula Torresbaca, President of the International Club. 

There were already two meetings, and the last one was last Sept. 13, where it was basically an icebreaker to know each other and see which ones would be the objectives. A Mongolian lady made a presentation about her country and they made a typical food of the country.

“The purpose is to make different types of food with the member of the club to offer at the cafeteria,” Vitor Furiati added. 

Each Wednesday around 7 p.m., there is a meeting to talk about different ideas and presentations and everyone who wants to assist and participate in the different meals is invited to do it. 

There is a profile on Instagram (@internationalvikings) for students and faculty members who want to follow the different activities done and be done. It is an active profile so there is news almost every day.

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