VASA gives athletes a voice on campus

By Maria Lopez / Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College announced that they would do a meeting for those athletes who would like to have a voice on campus and the Viking Association of Students Athletes was born. 

Assistant Athletic Director Tamika Drake is in charge of this association and its first meeting was Sept. 5.

 “It’s an organization to help enhance all aspects of the student-athlete experience by providing a voice for all student-athletes to encourage effective communication with the MVC Athletics Department,” Drake said. 

The Association was made last year, and one of the biggest efforts of VASA is to build a sense of community amongst teams and create an awareness of all programs, build a platform for student-athletes to discuss issues of concern to them, offer feedback to NAIA membership, and propose legislation or policy changes. 

Students with a purpose to change the way everything is going, people who would like to say what is well done and what creative ideas could be great for the sports, are invited to assist to the meetings.

 “VASA promotes a positive image of Missouri Valley College Athletics.  It also serves as an advocacy group on behalf of NAIA student-athletes to enhance their collegiate athletics experience. All students are invited to come to meetings, however, the primary purpose is to create an open space for student-athletes to be heard and make a change on their campus,” Drake said. 

For people interested in assisting, there is a meeting once a month.

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