Music and art blend to create Black Student Union’s first event of the year

By Temo Olvera / Managing Editor

Seats filled up at Black Student Union’s meet and greet Monday night. Acrylics, colored pencils, canvases, and torn- coloring books littered the tables of the Bacon room.  R&B and hip hop flowed around intense games of UNO and explosions of laughter. The Student Government Association funded BSU’s first event of the year, with students enjoying themselves and taking note of the organization. 

Ashley Whetzal, dries the base layer of her painting on Monday Sep. 19, 2022. She waved and fanned her canvas to get it to dry faster. (Temo Olvera / The Delta)

SGA has pledged to cover the cost of the entire night. Barnes said working with SGA president Austin Kostelnik to get funding was simple and easy. She said a single form was filled out. 

“It’s really rewarding to have SGA behind your back,” said Tamika Drake, BSU assistant advisor. 

Barnes, her vice president Shuron Thompson, organization advisor Bobby Collins, and BSU member Nate Jackson put together the event to provide a space where students could have fun and hear about BSU. As students painted, Barnes and Thompson visited tables to share a GroupMe inviting students to their meeting on Monday evening at 8:00 in G-14 of Furgeson. 

Barnes officially became president this semester. She said moving to a leadership role is different, but she has a team to support her, including Thompson. 

“I brag to my mom about her,” said Barnes. “She makes everything so much easier for me.”

Shuron Thompson, Black Student Union vice president, shuffles a deck for a game of UNO with visitors and other BSU members Monday, Sep. 19, 2022. Intense matches had students slamming down cards and jumping out of their seats. (Temo Olvera / The Delta)

Barnes said BSU is a place where people can learn about themselves and black culture. Members meet to discuss and learn together. They also get to help with events and grow the organization. 

The next event will be closer to homecoming. Barnes said pies and a haunted house are on the way. 

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