Valley students find new night spot in Marshall

By Laura Quero / Staff Writer

Marshall is not particularly characterized by its nightlife venues, especially compared to nearby places like Columbia or Kansas City. For years, the only place where students could hang out at night was the Living Room Bar, but things have changed.

The new Mexican restaurant ‘Los Compitas’ is giving students something else to consider. At first, ‘Los Compitas’ was just another Mexican restaurant around town, but it has developed into a new night spot for students under the name ‘Compitas Bar.’ It opens from 8pm to 1:30am on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and gives free rides to students since it is located in Marshall Square.

There is a large percentage of international students at MVC. That is why the new night spot has been relevant, because of the diverse music it offers and its treatment of students. Sophomore Daniel Regalado is an international student from the Canary Islands, Spain, who helps the Compitas Bar owner organize the place and bring new students in.

“The Compitas Bar is a place where Hispanic music predominates, and the fact of having so many people who come from Hispanic countries makes them feel as if they were partying in their own countries,” Regalado said. “What makes us different is that we satisfy the needs of our clients because if they want Hispanic music, that’s what we give them, they also have the opportunity to ask for a specific song they want to listen and we just play it.”

On the other hand, the Living Room is still a place where most American students go. They prefer to hang out at the Living Room because of its music genres like country, pop, rap, etc. It is a place that has been open for a long time so people feel more comfortable in it. Senior Marc Rodriguez from St. Louis, MO., works at the Living Room and said the new night spot is really having an impact on his job.

“There is one change that came a week or two prior, which was the lack of reggeaton being played,” Rodriguez said. “Spaniards and Latinos weren’t fans of that and loved the new bar since they play a ton of reggeaton.”

MVC students also have an opinion to share about the new night spot in Marshall. Sophomore Katherine Rojas is an international student from Bogota, Colombia, who tends to hang out almost every weekend and has visited both bars.

“I’ve definitely been to the Compitas Bar since its opening; I always have a good time there because of its environment,” says Rojas. “It has multiple facilities like a room to play pool, a dance floor, and a private space outside with tables and chairs to have some fresh air.”

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