Women business leaders share their experience

By Thania Figueroa/Staff Writer

Lori Godsey, owner of Montague’s, and Sheri Hacker, owner of Springwater Greenhouse and Landscaping, were both guest speakers at the American Business Women’s Day event. 

Both women had trouble starting their businesses, especially being women in business. Both of them had a hard time being taken seriously by men. They both had troubles with banks not wanting to loan them money, and Godsey had a hard time when contractors were trying to overcharge her for things that needed to be done.

Montague’s is a local restaurant that opened just a year and a half ago that offers dine-in and catering services. 

“I have always kind of liked to cook,” said Godsey. 

Her business journey started around 13 years ago when she was working for Marshall Parks and Recreation. She saw an empty kitchen at a golf house she was at and thought it would be a good idea to open the grill up for golfers. The idea became a plan, and she ended up serving about 100 people between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. every day. 

Marshall Parks and Recreation closes during the winter time, but she had individuals ask about catering services, so Godsey would cater during the winter. She would cater events like birthday parties and gold tournaments. 

After some years, Godsey was asked to manage and cook at a soon-to-be bed and breakfast, but that plan fell through.

Godsey said, “I’m not working for anybody else ever again.” Which is when she decided to start her own business, now known as Montague’s.

Springwater Greenhouse and Landscaping is a greenhouse and landscape design center a few minutes north of Marshall. Springwater sells items like house plants and home decor, they even offer classes. One class they offer is wreath making. 

Springwater opened in 1995 in Malta Bend and moved to Marshall in 2009. A new building was recently built in 2020. 

Hacker’s advice for those wanting to start a business is to have a passion for what you do. 

Godsey’s advice is, “do what you do and do it great…don’t worry about anyone else.”

Some more advice they had for those wanting to start a business is if you are working with others, “find someone you feel really comfortable with,” said Hacker. 

Hacker is a Missouri State University alumni. She studied many things like business, accounting, and even an attorney for one semester. Godsey is a fourth-generation Missouri Valley College alumni, her degree being in physical education. 

Both Godsey and Hacker have succeeded as businesswomen, but they still are learning new things every day. 

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