Coaches finalize women’s basketball roster

By Maria Lopez/Staff Writer

The women’s basketball team has its varsity team for the 2022-23 season after its players started the pre-season with energy and hard work to show to Ben Lister, who is in his second season as head coach.

New teammates arrived from different cities and countries with different skills that could make a great team for this year. The returners also worked with enthusiasm and energy to take the spot that they left last year. 

“I think that everyone involved in the team works extremely hard,” said Giavanna Moore, a sophomore on the Varsity team. “I think everyone puts in their best efforts, and a lot of girls put in extra work outside of what’s required to prepare to be in varsity.” 

The coach preferred to leave how they made the decision at home, it could be a hard decision to make, and each player on his team has something great to show and give, either in the Varsity or in the Varsity Reserve.

“I think that the coaches really value the players,” Moore said. “They spent a lot of hours planning and working to see the evolution of the team, they care more to see how we are as people than how we play basketball, and that is important for a team.”

There are a lot of different opinions among the players, and it is something curious to see the different thoughts. Each player is different, and each player has something different to show and contribute to the team. 

“I think he wanted to give us the opportunity to show him our skills, motivate us during the preseason, and surprise him in some way,” said Blanca Alcalde, a sophomore from the Varsity Reserve. “However, I also think he already knew what he wants for his first team, and he knew it before who was going to be in the varsity, with some exceptions of player who surprised him in the preseason.”

It does not matter if somebody plays in the varsity or in the varsity reserve, the team is just one, and they care for each of the players in the program. However, it is a reality that to make the team who is going to defend the MVC colors, they have to choose the players who are going to do it in the best way and who has the necessary skills for the coach and all the members of the coaching staff.

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