Esports Team Wins Call of Duty National Title for Fall ‘22 Season 

By Shu’Ron Thompson / Staff Writer

Missouri Valley College’s Esports team walked away with a national championship title in the game of Call of duty in their fall 22 season. Esports has been a part of the Missouri Valley family since the year 2017 and that was the last time the team had won a National championship. This was Esports Coach Drew Hawkins’ first national title under Esports. 

He said: “Well, this was the first one Coach (Raven) White and myself helped win, but currently we’re playing three games in the sports arena.”

Randy Wright III joined the Esports team two years ago, after his football career unfortunately came to an end. This is his first national championship under his belt for both football and Esports. 

“For me, it feels like an accomplishment, like winning a state championship or whatever because I’ve never had a chance to do that in football so now like I’ve had the opportunity to do it in esports, so now I get the opportunity to do it again this year,” he said.

The team said that their goal for the spring ‘23 season was to build team chemistry by bonding more in practice and outside of practice. Their spring season started February first and they’ve been playing games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Over-watch, and C-S-Go, in hopes of bringing home another national championship. 

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