Intramural basketball tournament underway

By Collin Maclin/Staff Writer

Malcolm Center’s 5v5 basketball intramurals have begun, and the winning team will walk away with a $100 prize. The co-ed tournament has been a competitive one, with both boys and girls showing off their skills on the court.

In one particularly impressive display, the women’s team shocked the gymnasium when they played against some of the men’s varsity basketball players. Tj Wallace, a spectator, expressed his disbelief, stating, “there is no way that the girl’s team almost beat the boys.” However, others recognized the women’s talent and their ability to compete at the same level as the male players.

When asked about his team’s chances of winning the tournament, Dylan Driver expressed confidence in their abilities, saying, “I don’t think no one can beat our team that’s playing in the tournament. We have the best players on our team, and we all play basketball for the school.”

Logan Walker, when asked about his team’s toughest competition, pointed to Dylan’s team, stating, “It has to be Dylan’s team. They are the only other players that play on the team in the tournament, so I say them.”

As the tournament progresses, some teams have been eliminated, but a few still stand a chance at claiming the championship title. The championship game will be held on Monday, March 27, at the Malcolm Center. Everyone is eager to see which team will come out on top and take home the grand prize.

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