Student Affairs hosted a trivia night full of prizes

By Kari Patron/Staff Writer

Whether you love Pixar or Marvel, trivia night was the place to share your expertise on such categories. Student affairs hosted a trivia night on Tuesday, March 21st at the Bacon Room in Malcolm Center. Around ten to fifteen students were in attendance and participated in multiple rounds of trivia to win $25 gift cards.

Trivia night consisted of five rounds of trivia in different categories where the top scorer of each round received a $25 gift card. Pixar, sports, Marvel, fun facts, and facts about Missouri were some of the categories played.

Student Alex Lorenzo won not one, not two, but three of the prize rounds. Lorenzo won the Pixar, fun fact, and the Missouri category. Lorenzo ended up taking home $75 in gift cards.

“I didn’t even know there were prizes,” Lorenzo said. “I said, ‘let’s see if I’m good at Trivia,’ and I ended up winning.”

Another winner of the night was South African international student Chané Higgo. Higgo won the Marvel category and placed second in the facts about Missouri category.

“I came because I enjoy trivia and I was hoping for a prize,” Higgo said. “I watch a lot of Marvel and I’m very competitive. That was one of the main reasons why I won.”

While for some students the prizes were the main reason for their attendance at Trivia Night, for Higgo, it was different.

“I enjoy the events that this college has,” Higgo said. “I would’ve come regardless but of course, the prizes made it more competitive.”

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