Ezekiel’s Wheels provides bikes to students

By Vincent Taylor / Staff Writer

Bicycles have been a practical and versatile mode of transportation for over a century, playing a key role in shaping our cities and our lives. In recent years, however, bicycles have seen a resurgence in popularity due to rising gas prices and increasing awareness of the environmental impact of cars. But for some, a bicycle is more than just a recreational activity or a way to get around town – it’s a lifeline.

At Missouri Valley College, the Ezekiel’s Wheels program provides bicycles as a means of transportation for students in need who may not have access to a car or other transportation to get to school or purchase basic necessities like food and groceries. Providing transportation to students in need just makes their time in college safer and better.

Rev. Nick Petrov, who runs the program, says there are currently 13 bikes available for lend to those in need, and 26 people have already filled out applications to borrow them. The bikes are available at no cost to the students, with the only requirement being that they take care of the bikes as if they were their own.

But beyond the practical benefits of having a reliable means of transportation, bicycles also offer many physical and mental health benefits. They’re a great way to stay in shape and improve cardiovascular health, and can also help reduce stress and anxiety. And, of course, they’re environmentally friendly and affordable – two critical factors in today’s world.

The bicycle program at Missouri Valley College is just one step in the right direction toward promoting sustainable transportation. By providing bikes to students without access to a car, the program is helping to create a healthier community and environment for everyone.

Students who need a bicycle or anyone who needs more information on the Ezekiel Wheels Program can contact the office of the Chaplain at 660.831.4276 or petrovn@moval.edu.

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