“The Unknown” take home championship in 5v5 Intramural Tournament

By Collin Maclin / Staff Writer

In a competitive and thrilling final, The Unknown men’s basketball team emerged victorious in the 5v5 basketball intramural tournament. The championship game was held at the campus gymnasium and featured The Unknown facing off against a tough opponent.

The Unknown, made up entirely of men’s basketball players, put on a display of skill and teamwork throughout the tournament, ultimately coming out on top. The team’s roster was loaded with talent, including Emman David, J’luan Patterson, and Jarruis Bernett, who all played key roles in their success.

Following the championship game the players had positive things to say about the event. Emman David praised the tournament, saying “the event was fun and very competitive, they should do more of these types of events.”

J’luan Patterson echoed this sentiment, stating that “the tournament was competitive throughout the whole tournament.”

Jarruis Bernett, who had some criticism for the referees, said “The refs were kind of bad, and caused some teams some of the games.”

Despite this, most of the people I talked to felt that the tournament was a success and that it provided an enjoyable and competitive experience for all involved.

Overall, the 5v5 basketball intramural tournament was a great success, and the Unknown men’s basketball team deserves credit for their impressive victory. The tournament showcased the talent and passion of the players, and hopefully, there will be more events like this in the future.

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