MVC celebrates ‘Valleypalooza’ during family weekend

By Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Writer

When Missouri Valley College opened its campus for its annual parents’ weekend, the theme was Valleypalooza.  

Valleypalooza kicked off on Friday, September 20 and included tailgating before the football game. The tailgate area was opened to the students, friends and families with free food, drinks, shirts and prizes.  

After tailgating, the football team took on the number-nine nationally ranked Grand View Vikings.  The Grand View Vikings are undefeated on the season.   The Missouri Valley Vikings were unsuccessful in breaking the streak. 

Many students that live out of state or country especially find comfort during events like family weekend.

“Living 10 hours away from home is hard,” senior Peyton Funk said.  

Often for students it is rare for your family to come visit, so when they do it is like a little piece of home coming to their MVC home.  For many new students, family weekend means just a little bit more than the average student. Many freshmen often struggle to find a good balance of being a college student. As many freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors can testify it is a real culture shock for some and a transition to all. 

Freshman Nyah Garner parents took advantage of their family weekend schedule and attended as many Viking events as they could.  

“I was very happy,” Garner said. “I have not seen my family in two months, so for them to come show love and support for me my friends, teammates, classmates, and roommate is so exciting to see.”

Missouri Valley also hosted its only home rodeo competition during family weekend. The rodeo was a three-day event, held at the Saline County Fairgrounds.  Valley students were admitted free of charge. The Fairgrounds were filled with family and friends in attendance.  

I was happy for my family to visit,” sophomore Brittney Nitz said “Not only did they cook and bring me a piece of home here to Marshall, but going to the football game and rodeo gave me a chance to give them a little bit of Marshall to back home with them.”

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