Students bundle up as cold weather creeps in

Chardonnae Parker / Delta Staff Writer

As we approach the second half of the semester in Missouri, the weather changes and the temperature drops.

Missouri Valley College, known for its diversity, has become home for about 1,500 students. The student body is comprised of people from more than 40 countries and states from across the country. With such a diverse group, not everyone is accustomed to the Midwestern weather.

With less than two weeks before the fall break there was a significant cool front which resulted in a temperature change. For many valley students the climate drop so early in the year is something they are not used to.

Some international students rarely or never travel to places with weather conditions like they will experience in Marshall.

“It has been freezing here,” said first-year student Ana Arroyo, who comes from Spain. “The one time I visited the United States, the weather was not this bad. I don’t know how to live when it is this cold. I do not think I will ever get used to this.”

For others, living in a cooler climate is something that they still are not used to.

“Being from Texas it is very hard to adjust to the weather here in Missouri,” senior Erin Kelly said. “I have been in Missouri for four years and Marshall, Missouri for three and it seems like each winter gets worse. In Texas, if the weather is anything below 60 degrees, that is a cold winter day. Whereas in Marshall, that is nice weather to most, and a cold winter day is anything before zero degrees.”

As the second half of first semester kicks off here are three tips to stay warm.

  • Invest in a winter coat. Winter coats can be extremely helpful on cold days and nights.
  • Layers of clothing. If you are not able to purchase a winter coat, you can always double and triple on your layers of clothes.
  • Cover your head and hands. While coats, pants and shirts may keep much of your body warm do not forget about the other parts that are still exposed.

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