Debate team finding success with new coach

Chardonnae Parker /Delta Staff Writer

In his first year as Missouri Valley College’s debate coach, David Bowers is already having an impact on the program.  

Bowers is a first year professor from Hutchinson, Kansas.  Like many students and professors, the beautiful, friendly, and loving atmosphere is what drew him in to Missouri Valley College.  Since the start of the school year, Bowers has worked tirelessly with the debate team to prepare them and begin the start of their debate season.  

In a recent press release, Missouri Valley College praised the debate team for its success at the Washburn University Tournament.

“Debate is hard for many people,” Bowers said. “It is not what they think it is. Honestly we are a new team and not a lot of people know that we are here on campus. So my first goal was to keep growing firstly, but also raise awareness for other students.”

Bowers said the latter goal has proven surprisingly easy for several reasons.

“One is the amount of support we get here on campus is tremendous,”
he said. “And secondly is the early success our team has had. It has put us in the position to better create awareness of the Missouri Valley College Debate team.” 

Bowers looks at debate as an art and says to perfect your art you must put the time in.  That is what they try to do every day.

“You have to be willing to put in the work when it comes to debate,” Bowers said. “And more often than not it is not just any work, but it is hard work.”

Fortunately, he said, the team has stepped up to the challenge.

“I have been lucky to have a team here at Valley, that I know everyone is willing to put in the work and that has been such a beautiful thing to watch,” Bowers said.

Ethan Hofer-Cassianni finished the Lincoln-Douglas debate at Washburn University with three wins and one loss. With that winning record, Ethan was then allowed to move on to the next round of competition but also qualified him for Nationals in that first round alone.  Bowers has worked with debate team as a whole and individually to see how can they continue to make history on campus.  

“My goal is to be a top five debate team in the area in the next few years,” Bowers said. “The way we will get there is getting out there debating, getting our name out there and constantly recruiting.” 

In a recent interview in KMVC news Bowers said the team will continue to grow and improve, adding that he continues to admire how hard his team works in positive ways and sees more wins in the near future. 

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