Students get a kick out of intramurals

By Lavonte’ Perdue / Delta Staff Writer

This years intramural soccer tournament turned out to be an interesting one.  There were between six to eight teams who participated in the tournament, not to mention that this was a one day tournament. 

Five people were allowed on each team, but there could only be three men on the roster and each team must have two women as well.  Fernanda Martins who was one of the females on the championship team enjoyed herself throughout the tournament. Martins mentioned how the finals were hard, and how good their opponents were. 

“We won because we were patient, but in all it was a good game,” said Martins.

There were a handful of close games, but some teams fell hard to others who actually had soccer players on their teams. One team that took a tough loss first round was Kenny Crenshaw’s team.

Crenshaw wasn’t disappointed when his team loss, because it was just them trying something new.

“We lost because we played against experienced teams,” he said. “We were just kicking and screaming.”

Someone who played a big part in the championship victory was Mikkel Braz. Braz looked at the experience as a special one and felt that his team was concentrated the whole time. 

“I enjoyed playing with my friends and against other international students,” Braz said.

One thing that was a big factor for Braz’s team is that they kept a strategy, and always communicated with one another while they played each game. 

It showed that communication truly is key, because that constant communication got Braz and his team a championship victory.

At the end of the tournament the winning team will receive a $100 prize that will be split among the five participants on the roster.

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