Students enjoy return of spring weather

By Colton Crawford / Delta Staff Writer

The spring semester at Missouri Valley College is close to finishing and the spring weather is in full swing. With temperatures rising and the sun shining bright, many students are getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather. 

On any given day, one can find Valley students on Gregg-Mitchell Field playing catch, exercising, or even just hanging out with friends. The warm weather definitely brings out the positive vibes in everyone. 

“Whenever season is out I’m usually fishing, or working, or working out and lifting to get bigger for next season,”  Wrestling team member and junior Devhon Cruz said. “I also love playing video games in my free time.”

Many students like Cruz who are still in spring sports might not have as much free time due to their conflicting seasons.

Valley student Sam Siron explains the many things he does during this beautiful springtime weather.

“When class is over for the day you can usually find me playing golf with some of my buddies or longboarding at the park,” he said. “When the wind is calm I’m usually at a pond somewhere in the Marshall area fishing for bass.” 

A great spring activity is gardening, and the groundskeepers here at Valley definitely have a green thumb. With the green grass showing and the flowers blooming students are ready to end the semester and bring on the summer. 

Everyone can agree that this warm weather is a million times better than the bitter cold tundra that Valley had to endure a month ago.

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