Students face the decision to stay or go

By Felipe Souza / Delta Staff Writer

Transferring schools is a fact of life for college students. It happens due dissatisfaction with the programs that are being offered, getting a better scholarship at a bigger and higher ranked college, or other life matters that require the transfer.

MVC suffers from a high transfer rate; students usually come here as a first option due its diversity of scholarship, mostly for sports.

“I came here just because I wanted to play college soccer, MVC gave me the best scholarship, so I couldn’t refuse it,” freshman Gabriel Pinheiro said.

However, some MVC students are unsatisfied not only with the programs and sports, but the city of Marshall as well. 

“There is nothing to do here,” senior Matheus Adorno said. “The only option where students can hang out outside college is The Living Room bar, and after being here long enough, I had my share of time there. I don’t have any more desires of going there again.”

Due to these reasons, students are opting for a transfer to where they feel they can get a better education, a more decent sports program or both.

“I’m looking forward to transferring next semester, after one year and a half on the basketball team I came to a conclusion that the basketball program is not for me here at MVC,” sophomore Gabriel Machado said. “Even when I was giving my best during practices and showing that I was better than the other players, the coaches wouldn’t give me a chance for the Varsity team, so I had to play JV.”

Transferring is a process that takes time to happen. Students that want to do it need to apply to other schools as soon as they can so they can figure out how many credits they have and what are the requirements that differ from MVC and move out as soon as possible.

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