Missouri Valley College is a full face-to-face institution again

By Felipe Souza/Delta News Editor

Missouri Valley College went through tough times during the COVID-19 outbreak. In march 2020, the spread of the virus caused the college to shut down its campus activities and finish the semester with remote learning and during the 2020-2021 school year MVC had a hybrid style, where students would do a blend of online and face-to-face classes. Now, after the immunization of students and staff, MVC has finally switched back to its traditional format of full face-to-face classes, but not everything is back to normal, yet.

Most of the students are happy about the return of full face-to-face classes.

“I think it’s good to be back to the normal format,” freshman Gabriel Pinheiro said. “I think a lot of students like myself couldn’t pay attention to online classes and having it normal again gives us hope that normal college life will be back soon.”

Sophomore Marta Cuenca said returning to face-to-face classes has improved her educational experience.

“At least for me it’s easier to understand all the things and to ask questions if you don’t know something if you are in class than if the class is online and you have to be in front of an screen all time,” Cuenca said. “I know that at first, coming back to normality is weird cause it has been a year since we don’t have ‘normal classes,’ but I really love coming back again cause this is a good sign.”

For Junior Gabriel Machado, the return to traditional classes is also ideal.

“I think that there’s not a single bad thing about coming back to full face-to-face classes,” Machado said. “With online classes it is really easy to get distracted and lose focus, which leads to bad grades, and being someone that plays sports having good grades is key to keep playing.”

Even though classes are back to its normal format, the spread of Covid-19 is still around, and now it has new variants that can cause different symptoms and can be easier to spread. To combat the spread of the virus, MVC still requires the use of masks inside buildings and classrooms until further notice. Students and staff are also strongly encouraged to get the Covid vaccine as part of the #vaxupvalley campaign.

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