30 minute Chapel offers hope in dark times

By Courtney Cole/ Managing Editor

When people are having hard times, some may ask where they should go for relief or even where they can talk about their problems? 

The 30 minute chapel is now available to not only students, but faculty and staff at Missouri Valley College. The 30 minute chapel was brought to the college by Nick Petrov who is MoVal’s religion professor as well as the campus chaplain. 

The point of the 30 minute chapel is for people to be able to have time to talk to god. These students and faculty can have a quiet place to either pray, offer devotions or to just have a bible study. This is an open place where no matter what race, gender or sexual orientation is welcome to everyone.

Since the world is so broken because of war, racism and even with being in a pandemic, some people are discouraged with all the things around them. The chapel is a place where people can go for peace and find things that are positive and encouraging. It is a place where people can ask for a blessing and that is the main reason Petrov decided to open up the chapel. 

Petrov believes that inside everyone is a deep need to be with God and to feel welcome regardless of who they are. Feeling appreciated and invited to feel the word of prayer. 

When it first starts, they begin with the welcoming then proceeding to reading the bible and sharing.  If they have time they read encouraging words as well as prayer requests, lastly to end it they do a short prayer and benediction. 

“I can tell there is no place like Missouri Valley College, it is such a dynamic and diverse campus. There is this feeling of a family feeling, of everyone being welcomed and feeling at home,” said Petrov. “We care for our students. It is great to be a part of the Valley family.”

The 30 minute chapel will be available to students, staff and faculty at 7:30am every Wednesday until the last week of November. 

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